Limited Edition - Single-Origin: Burundi Buzz Cold Brew

We're so excited to announce our next limited edition cold brew, made from an incredible single-origin coffee. Burundi Buzz gets its name from its home - the Buhowra Washing Station, nestled in the mountains of the Muramvya Province of Burundi. We fell in love with Burundi coffee's sweet and savory flavors, and our roaster helped us secure this super special roast that features tasting notes of red apple, honey, and Brazil nut. It's bright, it's fresh, it's crisp and incredibly delicious. Here for a good time, not a long time, Burundi Buzz is ready to get your next Fall morning off to a fantastic start.

You're probably spending too much on your cold brew:
Our cold brew isn't just super smooth and delicious. It's also nice to your wallet. At just $1.75 for 8 servings and $1.60 for 20 servings, you can save up to $28 compared to an equivalent size cup at the average café (assumes an average of $3 per serving).

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